Using Workgroup Objects

Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.

To access a workgroup object, you must add it to the Project Explorer. When you add an object, AppMaster Builder searches the workgroup for a matching object to link to. If it does not find the object in your workgroup, it creates a new object in the current project.

If you double-click an object in the Project Explorer and AppMaster Builder doesn't find it in the local project subdirectories or in any of the workgroup-specified directories or PDSs, it creates a new object.

Once added to the Project Explorer, the folder icon for each member contained in a workgroup reflects its relative location as follows:

Icon Member location
WorkgroupLocalFolder In the current project
Workgroup Path Folder On the workgroup path
Workgroup Mainframe Folder On the mainframe
Workgroup Unknown Folder Unknown

When you view a workgroup object from one of the AppMaster Builder painters or the editor, AMB makes a copy of the object to load into the painter or editor. Both the Screen Painter and Online Express warn you when you are viewing a workgroup object that you cannot save changes should you make any. In the editor, you view workgroup objects in browse mode, meaning you cannot edit the files.

When you view a workgroup object in an AppMaster Builder painter, the location of the object appears in the title bar. You can expect that the location reported is the first instance of the object found by AMB based on the sequential order of the folders or PDSs listed in the workgroup library you specify in your AppMaster Builder preferences.

  • For the AMB workgroup feature to properly access your mainframe, you must have the command-line interface for the Mainframe Access feature configured and running properly on your PC. For more information, see Using Enterprise Server with a Mainframe.
  • If your object file is located in a mainframe PDS, the location reported on the title bar is a temporary location on your PC. AMB temporarily downloads mainframe workgroup files for viewing.