Deploying Service Interfaces

Explains the process of deploying a service interface and its legacy application to run as a service on an enterprise server instance.

You can use the Interface Mapping Toolkit (IMTK) feature of Enterprise Developer to create COBOL service interfaces of various types, such as SOAP and JSON Web services and COBOL Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs). Once created, you can also use the IMTK to deploy a service interface to an enterprise server instance where it runs and becomes accessible. The deployment process includes packaging a service interface, and optionally packaging program objects and other files used by it, into a deployment package called a COBOL Archive (CAR) file that is then transmitted to a local or remote enterprise server instance where the service is installed into that instance. This process is known as service interface deployment.

Note: The service interface deployment process deploys both the legacy application and the service interface.