DG Interactive COBOL Source Programs

Your COBOL system includes certain language enhancements that enable you to submit programs written in DG Interactive COBOL directly to this COBOL system. Provided your DG Interactive COBOL source programs conform to the standard file format for your operating system, there should be no problems in submitting most of these programs to this COBOL system. You should ensure that the expansion of tab characters in literals is not significant to the operation of your program before it is processed by this COBOL system.

However, if your program is written in DG CRT format, you must reformat the source file before you submit it to your COBOL system.

You must set the DG directive when you submit your source code to this COBOL system if your source code contains DG Interactive COBOL features that are not supported in the standard Micro Focus COBOL language, or if user-defined words are reserved words in the Micro Focus COBOL language. Refer to the Language Reference help for a list of Micro Focus COBOL reserved words, and for a full definition of all the syntax supported in the standard Micro Focus COBOL language. See the chapter Data General Interactive COBOL V1.3 Syntax Support in your Language Reference for details of syntax support for Data General Interactive COBOL V1.3. This manual also contains a full list of the additional DG Interactive COBOL features enabled in the Micro Focus COBOL language when you set the DG system directive. See the chapter Compatibility Directives for details of the DG directive.