Building COBSQL Applications

Restriction: This topic applies to Windows environments (local development) only.

It is beyond the scope of this document to list the database support modules that are required when shipping on a COBSQL application. It is assumed that the end-user machine already has all the required support modules installed and that it is correctly configured to communicate with the database server.

When linking COBSQL applications, use the import library csqlsupp.lib. This resolves the calls inserted by COBSQL to the COBSQL init and stop run modules. The calls are actually handled by the module csqlsupp.dll which needs to be shipped with the application. This general support module is required for Oracle applications.

Specify the library csqlsupp.lib.

If you split the application into a main exe and a number of sub DLLs, then you only need to link csqlsupp.lib into the modules that you have compiled with the COBSQL directives CSTART or CSTOP.

If you compile all programs with CSTART or CSTOP, then you must link csqlsupp.lib into all the modules. Linking csqlsupp.lib to each module causes each module to be slightly larger than required. Only one version of csqlsupp.dll is loaded when the application runs.

If you compile the main program only with CSTART and CSTOP, then you need to link in the library csqlsupp.lib with the main program only. Any program that you compile with either the CSTART or the CSTOP COBSQL directive, you then need to link csqlsupp.lib with the module for that program.