Client War File

When you generate a client for an EJB , it is packaged into a Web archive file myService.war file together with the following files:

*.jsp JSP files. These pass data back and forth between the end user and the servlet.
myServiceJspBean.class This file contains the getter and setter methods that are used to move information back and forth between the servlet and JSP.
myServiceServlet.class This file is the servlet. It processes the incoming requests from the JSP, invokes an instance of the stateless EJB, and forwards the response back to the JSP.
myServiceSessionMonitor.class This is a helper class, which stores the EJB instances for the stateful session bean. Manifest describing this .war file
mfejlib.jar .. custom records
web.xml Generic deployment descriptor, defining the client servlet and the EJB reference
*.xml, such as weblogic.xml For some Java application servers (such as WebLogic), a deployment descriptor for deploying the .war file to that application server