EHTML Preprocessor

EHTML is an integrated preprocessor provided with this system and designed to work closely with the Micro Focus COBOL Compiler. It identifies HTML embedded in COBOL code as delineated by EXEC HTML statements, and outputs the HTML to your Web server.

To run the EHTML preprocessor, set the PREPROCESS Compiler directive to htmlpp using one of the following methods:
  • Code a $SET statement before the first line in your COBOL program file using the following syntax :
    $SET preprocess(htmlpp) [EHTML-directive(s)] endp
  • On the command line as part of your compile syntax:
    preprocess(htmlpp) [EHTML-directive(s)] endp
  • In the htmlpp.dir file, located in ???; must be in your path statement.
    preprocess(htmlpp) [EHTML-directive(s)] endp

Where EHTML-directive(s) is one or more EHTML preprocessor directives. See EHTML Preprocessor Directives for more information.