Installing VRECGEN

If you plan to download variable-length test files, you must first upload and compile the VRECGEN program in your mainframe environment. This program is provided as a sample COBOL program for converting mainframe variable-length format files.

Note: Each site should review the provided source code and determine maximum and minimum lengths for its variable-length files. These values (plus 4 for the MVS "Record Descriptor Word") should be used in the OCCURS DEPENDING ON clause of the record descriptions in the sample FDs.

To install VRECGEN:

  1. The source code file for VRECGEN is copied onto the PC as part of a Windows (only) product installation; the file name is vrecgen.cbl and it copies to %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\src.
  2. After you install your COBOL development system, upload the file vrecgen.cbl to the mainframe, specifying conversion from ANSI to EBCDIC. Verify that the file is in fixed file, 80-byte card image format.
  3. Compile VRECGEN on your mainframe using your COBOL Compiler. When compiling this program, specify the following options. Some are compiler options, some run-time system options, and some are link-edit options. Use only those applicable to your specific environment and compiler:
    • NOSSRANGE or NOSUBRNGCK (no subscript range checking)
    • DATA(24)
    • NOOPT
    • AMODE=24,RMODE=24
Note: If you use VS COBOL II, Release 3 or above, and receive a file status of 39, recompile VRECGEN using the CMPR2 compile option.