Printing from a Data File

You can print or preview both unformatted data (left pane) or formatted data (right pane) from the Data File Editor.

Unformatted Data

You can print or preview data records from the left pane. You can print one record, all records, selected records, part of a record, and various other combinations. You can also specify several print options that dictate the information that appears on the preview or printout, including:

  • A header
  • A footer
  • Page numbers
  • A ruler showing byte positions
  • Record numbers
  • Hexadecimal values

When you display a print preview, the Data File status bar shows the page number. You can change the magnification of the display.

If the size in bytes of the print preview exceeds the available memory, an error occurs; however, no such limitation exists when printing files.

Formatted Data

When you have a record layout associated with a data file, you can print or preview formatted data from the right pane with the same options as those for printing unformatted data, but with the following restrictions:

  • You can only preview or print at the field level if the applied record layout file contains a layout for the record containing the field. For more information, see Record Layout Editor .
  • If, during the printing or previewing process, the Data File Editor determines that a record does not match any of the available layouts or contains an invalid OCCURS DEPENDING ON RANGE statement, the output includes an error message.
  • You cannot print the following:
    • Rulers
    • Record numbers
    • Hexadecimal data
    • Part of a record