Specifying Configurable Custom File Handlers

To specify your configurable custom file handlers, you use the DYNREDIR environment variable, as shown below:



DYNCONFIG enables configurable DYNREDIR
EXPAND enables relative filename expansion of paths

When configurable DYNREDIR is enabled, the file/custom file handler mapping is taken from your fhredir.cfg file, which is pointed to by the environment variable FHREDIR. Entries for directories/files that use a custom file handler should be added to the file.

See the topic Configuration in the Fileshare Guide for details on mapping files to custom file handlers.

If you want to change configuration settings for custom DYNREDIR without stopping and restarting your system, your application can make a call to CBL_CFGREAD_DYNFH. For more information, see the library routine topic CBL_CFGREAD_DYNFH.

  • Restrictions for Client configuration apply to custom file handlers.
  • Filename mappings occur prior to the call to the custom file handlers.
  • Calls to FS_LOCATE_FILE will be routed to the custom file handler.