File systems and FILEMAXSIZE

The underlying file system affects the value to which this File Handler configuration option should be set.

  • Do not set FILEMAXSIZE to 8 under any of the following circumstances:
    • You are running applications on an operating system which does not support a 64-bit file system.
    • You are running applications that access FAT file systems, since such file systems do not support file addressibility greater than 32-bit file addressing.
    • If any accessing program needs to access a shared file in a 32-bit file system.
    • You are sharing files with applications using earlier versions of the Micro Focus COBOL product that only supported 32-bit file access.
  • All applications accessing a file must run with the File Handler configured with the same value for FILEMAXSIZE.
  • Only 32-bit (4GB) support is provided for Novell systems.

In these situations you must set FILEMAXSIZE to 4.