FS079-S A supervisor password entry must exist for the use of background mode.


This message is applicable to Fileshare Servers on UNIX only.

It is possible to configure the Fileshare Server to run as a daemon process in the background on UNIX where no information is accepted from the keyboard nor displayed on the screen. When configuring the Fileshare Server to run in this mode, a password file must be used which should contain an FSVIEW (supervisor) user-ID and password. This enables the Fileshare Server to be closed down remotely using FSMgr, FSView or COBFSCLOSE.

This message indicates that you have tried to run the Fileshare Server in background mode but the password file that you specified does not contain an FSVIEW (supervisor) user-ID or password.


Add a user-ID of FSVIEW and password to the password file specified using the Password File Maintenance Utility.

See the section Password File Maintenance in the chapter Security for more information.