FS163-I Input useropcode [filename-1] [ filename-2].

user If the Fileshare Client supplied a user name when it logged onto this Fileshare Server then the user name is displayed here if Fileshare Security is active. If no user name was supplied, the user number is displayed. The user number is generated when the Fileshare Client logs onto this Fileshare Server. The first Fileshare Client has user-ID 1, the second user-ID 2, etc.
opcode This is an indication of the type of action requested by the Fileshare Client. Most normal operations appear as an action-code. If a byte stream operation is being performed, the name of the operation is displayed. For COMMIT operations, an indication is given if the COMMIT is part of a prepare, confirm or abort stage of the transaction processing (if the transaction spans more than one Fileshare Server).
filename-1 If the operation being performed is specific to a file then the name of the file is displayed here
filename-2 If the operation being performed is specific to a file and requests to the file are being mapped to a different file using the alternate filename mapping option, the actual name of the file being processed is displayed here

The information displayed will also be written to a file called fsscreen.lst if the trace file option was specified when the Fileshare Server was started.


No action is required.