FS190-W The backup directory specifies the name of an existing file.

This message indicates that the directory specified is the name of a file and not the name of a directory.

The backup directory-name has been added to the database reference file.


Check that the directory-name and path specified are correct. If they are not correct, the entry should be removed from the database reference file (using the /e (erase) option and the Database Reference File Maintenance Utility) and the correct entry added to the database reference file using the same utility.

If the path and directory-name are correct then before starting the Fileshare Server, ensure that a directory of the name specified is created or made available to the Fileshare Server so that the automatic backup can take place. The file of this name should be removed.

If the directory does not exist, the Fileshare Server fails when trying to back up the data files or the recovery log file automatically when required to do so.