Writing Your Own FHRdrLngPwd Module

To register a user-ID and password, your program must call the File Handling Redirector password module supplying a user-ID and password. If you do not want to hard-code this call into your program, you can replace the supplied File Handling Redirector password module with one that obtains the user-ID and password using a different method, for example, via a screen prompt. Your new module must still conform to the File Handling Redirector password module interface, that is:

Function Code Action
= 1: Register the supplied user-ID and password
= 0: Return the user-ID and password. The File Handling Redirector module uses this call to obtain the user-ID and password when it is about to connect to the Fileshare Server.
Note: Ensure that the user-ID and password parameters are defined as pic x(100) if you want your module to support long usernames and passwords.

Once you have written your own File Handling Redirector password module:

You can create an object module and link it into any application executable as required.