User-ID Groups

You can group user-IDs by using the # character. If the # character is present in a user-ID, Fileshare registers the full passed user-ID but only performs logon validation on the portion of the user-ID prior to the # character.

When adding entries to the password file, you should create them as exclusive up to the # character. See the section Password File Maintenance for further information.

If you use view a user with a utility such as FSVIEW, the user information returned will show the full user-ID supplied by the client. Note that any reference to a user must be made using the full user-ID.


fs /pf pass.dat /u pkel#1 /pw fishwife

This example invokes password file maintenance, creates or updates a password file called pass.dat and adds a user-ID of pkel#1 and password of fishwife.