Create the Conditional Record Layouts

  1. On the Record Layout Editor tree view, right-click 01 MANAGER-REC; then click New Layout on the context menu.
  2. Conditional Layout should be selected automatically as you have already defined a default layout; however, if it is not, then you have not correctly defined the default record layout. In this case, return to the Create the Default Record Layout topic in this tutorial.
  3. Click Next; then click Finish. This adds MANAGER-REC as a conditional layout as seen in the right pane.

    You now need to specify the field and condition that identifies this conditional record type.

  4. In the right pane, expand MANAGER-REC > 01 MANAGER-REC > 02 MN-CODE.
  5. Right-click 03 MN-POSITION; then click Properties on the context menu. The Field Properties dialog box appears.
  6. From the Condition drop-down list, select IS = TO.
  7. In the Condition box directly to the right of the drop-down list, type M (upper case). This M indicates a Manager record type. The two characters below the dotted line are the hexadecimal equivalent, arranged vertically. They should be 4 and D because M in ANSI is hex 4D.
  8. Click OK. A small red IF appears by 03 MN-POSITION in the right pane.
  9. Repeat steps 1 through 8 to create a conditional record layout for the Executive record type; substituting equivalent structures from 01 EXECUTIVE-REC and using E to indicate the record type. The hex equivalent for E is 45.