Print a Data File

You can print a data file from the Data File Editor using the Print function. To see what the data file would look like if printed, you can use the Print Preview function. You can print either the formatted or unformatted view, and you can also choose whether to print the current record, all records or partial records.

To preview a print of the unformatted view of a data file:

  1. Click in the left pane of the Data File Editor window; then click File > Print Setup.
  2. Set Orientation to Landscape; then click OK.
  3. Select File > Print Preview.
  4. Check Header Text and type Print of Data File STAFF.DAT into the corresponding field.
  5. Check the following:
    • Page numbers
    • Ruler
    • Record numbers
    • Hexadecimal values
  6. In the Print range group, select All records and Whole record.
  7. Click Preview.

    A Preview window appears. You can use the buttons on the toolbar to zoom in and out, move around the window, and print.

  8. Click Close.