About CICS applications

When the CICS application has been migrated from the mainframe to the PC, you maintain and develop the application as follows:

  1. Create a project comprising all the parts of the application, such as the COBOL source and BMS mapsets. This also involves specifying the appropriate project and build properties.
  2. Edit BMS mapsets used by your client program, as required. You can do this using the BMS Painter supplied with this product.

    If your client program uses a graphical or Web interface, use the External Call Interface (ECI) to communicate with the CICS application.

  3. Compile the CICS COBOL programs and BMS mapsets.
  4. Configure an enterprise server to run the CICS application. This involves, among other things, adding a listener for CICS requests and setting up search paths to locate your application files, the CICS resource definitions and so on.
  5. Run the application in Enterprise Server and check that it is working correctly. Use the facilities for monitoring CICS applications within Enterprise Server, as necessary.
  6. Debug the application in your COBOL development system IDE.
  7. To publish the application to UNIX:
    1. Copy the source files to your UNIX machine.
    2. Compile the programs using the Cob utility.
    3. Test and debug the application using our Server Express product.