The customizations required in Mainframe Access Server are simple and deal primarily with defining the interface to the ChangeMan ZMF subsystem. There are four MFA Server startup parameters for defining this interface and they are described in detail below. The parameters are also documented in the section Editing Mainframe Access Parameters in the chapter Configuration.

The Server's ChangeMan interface uses Mainframe Access Application Server address spaces (also known as dependent regions) to provide isolation for the ChangeMan processing. Separating the processing from the MFA Server control region avoids potential interference with other client requests being processed in the control region.

Both the control region and the dependent region(s) have startup parameter requirements for the ChangeMan interface definition. The sample control region parameters are found in member PARMS and the sample dependent region parameters are found in member PARMSAS. Review the startup parameter information in the sections that follow and update your parameter definitions with values appropriate for your installation.