Include and customize this DD to provide MFA with your site-dependent user options and your default build options. MFA reads the XML file you specify, using only the options defined for field names that correspond to build and user options. These options enable MFA to properly check out and stage ChangeMan components. See your ChangeMan ZMF documentation for ZDD Build Options for more information.

//CMNOPTS DD  DSN=youroptions.xml,DISP=SHR

Where youroptions represents a filename prefix of your choice.

The following is an example of an XML file containing user and build options:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<options name="BUILD">
 <profile application="*" language="*" procname="*" libtype="*">
  <field name="Language"       editable="Y" default="CBL"/>
  <field name="BuildProc"      editable="Y" default="CMNCOB2/>
  <field name="Db2PreCompile"  editable="Y" default="N" />
  <field name="Db2Subsystem"   editable="Y" default="DSN7" />
  <field name="CompileOptions" editable="Y" default="RENT,LIST,XREF(SHORT)" />
  <field name="LinkOptions"    editable="Y" default="RENT,MAP,XREF" />
  <field name="UserOption01"   editable="Y" default="N"
     tag="Compile only"  required="Y"  validation="YN"   />
  <field name="UserOption02"   editable="Y" default="N"
     tag="IMS DLIT entry"  required="N"  validation="YN"   />
  <field name="UserOption03"   editable="Y" default="N"
     tag="CICS precompile"  required="N"  validation="YN"   />
  <field name="UserOption04"   editable="Y" default="N"
     tag="Drop INCLUDEs"  required="Y"  validation="YN"   />
  <field name="UserOption05"   editable="Y" default="N"
     tag="Easytrieve"  required="Y"  validation="YN"   />
  <field name="UserOption06"   editable="Y" default="N"
     tag="AMB Generation"  required="Y"  validation="YN"   />

The user build options tags <UserOptionnn> support a special keyword for validation. If the valuation="text" corresponds to a reserved keyword as described by ChangeMan ZMF, then a generic test will be made for NUMERIC, ALPHABETIC, or ALPHANUMERIC text. Otherwise, the "text" characters themselves will be become the customized set of characters to be used as the validation string. Only a character found in this string will be allowed to act as the User Option value.