Configuring Access to Enterprise Server Mainframe Subsystem Support

Mainframe Subsystem Support (MSS) is an Enterprise Server feature that provides an execution environment for CICS transaction programs on Windows and UNIX platforms. These programs can be ones migrated from the z/OS platform, or entirely new applications, developed specifically for the Enterprise Server MSS environment.

Mainframe Access runs on z/OS and functions as middleware, providing a transparent bridge between your ES/MSS systems and your z/OS CICS systems and enabling a full range of peer ISC communications between these systems including transaction routing, function shipping, distributed program link and distributed transaction processing. The configuration elements in MFA Server create the relationship between MSS and CICS and enable MFA Server to convert between MSS's TCP/IP-based protocol and CICS's LU6.2-based ISC protocol.

This section presents a step-by-step approach to completing the Mainframe Access Server customizations for ES/MSS support. Use this section to work through the customizations.