Define the Target ES/MSS Server

Your MFAXML member in the MFA Server <hlq>.CNTL data set contains two sample ES/MSS server definitions, one being the MSS1 sample shown here:

             PORT="2200" SESSIONS="4" SOCKETS="1"                     
Identifies the start of an ES/MSS target server definition and provides the ES/MSS SYSID needed to identify the ES/MSS system to MFA Server. Change this value to the SYSID of your ES/MSS server. Specify the same SYSID for the CONNECTION(name) when you define this ES/MSS server to your z/OS CICS system.
Assigns a VTAM ACB name (also referred to as the SNA LU name or VTAM APPL name) to the ES/MSS server. You can define more than one ES/MSS server and each server you define must have its own ACBNAME, giving it a unique identity in the z/OS CICS system. MFA Server provides two VTAM APPL definitions for ES/MSS servers - MFAMTO1 and MFAMTO2. These are installed and activated in your VTAM SNA configuration during MFA Server installation. If you are defining only one ES/MSS server, leave the ACBNAME as MFAMTO1. Use the MFAMTO2 ACB name if you define a second server. To define more than two ES/MSS servers, you must first install additional VTAM APPL definitions.
Identifies the internet address of your ES/MSS server machine. Change this value to either the machine name of the server where you're running ES/MSS or the internet IP address of the server.
Identifies the TCP/IP port on your ES/MSS server that has been configured as an ISC listener. Change this value to the ISC listener PORT number on your ES/MSS server.
Identifies the maximum number of transaction processing sessions that will be managed on a single socket connection. Each active LU6.2 conversation requires a session and the session traffic is interleaved on the MSS to MFA socket connection. For testing purposes, leave this value as-is. However, you might need to adjust it upwards to satisfy your installation's demand as usage increases.
Identifies the number of sockets available for each MSS to CICS connection. Because ES/MSS requires a single socket for each connection to CICS, leave this value as-is.