Mainframe Access Operational Messages Format

Mainframe Access operational messages are of the form:

mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss.t taskname taskid MFMnnnna text


mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss.t taskname taskid MFMDSnnna-text


mm/dd/yy indicates the date when the message was issued.
hh:mm:dd.t indicates the time when the message was issued.
taskname is the name of the Mainframe Access task that issued the message.
taskid is a two hexadecimal digit task identifier that helps to uniquely identify the Mainframe Access task for tasks that share a common task name. For instance, task name XDBMFADM processes Mainframe Access Direct client requests and there may be several instances of this task, each managing the work of a different subset of client connections. When examining XDBOUT trace messages for a specific client, trace messages from other clients and their processing tasks may be interleaved with the trace messages for the client that is of interest. The taskid value helps to identify the messages associated with a particular task.
DS indicates that the message was produced by the Data Set Services (DSS) component of Mainframe Access, which provides all file allocation and record access services.
nnnn is an integer in the range 0001 through 9999
a is I if the message is for information only, or E if the message indicates an error condition
text is the error message text

Messages may be issued that do not have the MFMnnnna or MFMDSnnna message prefix. These messages are diagnostic and/or trace messages that are not documented in this messages section. They are intended for use by Product Support.