RTNCD and FDB2 Return Values for LU6.2 APPCCMD Calls

The RTNCD (return code) and FDB2 (feedback two) values are the major return values associated with an APPCCMD call. The following table summarizes these major return values.

RTNCD FDB2 Explanation
X'00' X'0B' An error occurred during the execution of the APPCCMD call. The specific nature of the error is indicated by secondary return values, RCPRI and RCSEC, as documented in the next section
X'04' X'05' Symbolic name known by network-qualified name only
X'10' X'13' Attempt to start 6.2 session: request rejected
X'10' X'14' Attempt to start 6.2 session: pending session terminated
X'10' X'15' An APPCCMD must be issued
X'14' X'7F' Policing error: non-APPC macro