RCPRI and RCSEC Return Values for LU6.2 APPCCMD Calls

The RPL extension contains two fields in which return code information is passed to the application program at the completion of an LU6.2 APPCCMD macroinstruction execution. The RCPRI field returns a primary return code to the application; the RCSEC field returns a secondary return code to the application.

RCPRI RCSEC Explanation
X'0000' X'0000' OK; no errors
X'0000' X'0001' As specified; CNOS values were accepted
X'0000' X'0002' As negotiated; CNOS values changed by negotiation
X'0000' X'0003' Receive specific rejected
X'0000' X'0004' Partner LU supports single session
X'0000' X'0005' Internal VTAM error
X'0000' X'0006' Restore unnecessary; no modes to restore
X'0000' X'0007' Restore complete; input work area too small
X'0000' X'0008' No immediately available information
X'0000' X'0009' Request terminated by end of conversation
X'0000' X'000A' Sessions will use appl name, generic name requested
X'0000' X'000B' Sessions will use generic name, appl name requested
X'0000' X'000C' As specified, partner LU known by different name
X'0000' X'000D' As negotiated, partner LU known by different name
X'0004' ALL Allocation error
X'0004' X'0000' Allocation failure no retry
X'0004' X'0001' Allocation failure retry
X'0004' X'0002' Conversation type mismatch
X'0004' X'0003' PIP not allowed
X'0004' X'0004' PIP not specified correctly
X'0004' X'0005' Security not valid
X'0004' X'0006' Sync level not supported by LU
X'0004' X'0007' Sync level not supported by program
X'0004' X'0008' Transaction program name (TPN) not recognized
X'0004' X'0009' Transaction program name (TPN) not available; no retry
X'0004' X'000A' Transaction program name (TPN) not available; retry
X'0004' X'000B' Cannot reconnect transaction program; no retry
X'0004' X'000C' Cannot reconnect transaction program; retry
X'0004' X'000D' Reconnect not supported by program
X'0004' X'000E' Mode must be restored before using
X'0004' X'000F' Deallocation requested
X'0004' X'0010' Allocation error - sync level not valid for full duplex
X'0004' X'0011' Allocation error - LU pair not supporting FDX conversation
X'0008' ALL CNOS failure
X'0008' X'0000' Allocation failure; retry
X'0008' X'0001' Allocation failure; no retry
X'0008' X'0002' Transaction program not available; retry
X'0008' X'0003' Transaction program not available; no retry
X'0008' X'0004' Conversation type mismatch
X'0008' X'0005' Security not valid
X'0008' X'0006' Mode must be restored before using
X'0008' X'0007' Network qualified name mismatch
X'000C' X'0000' CNOS resource failure; no retry
X'0010' X'0000' Partner granted retry
X'0010' X'0001' Control operator for local LU retried
X'0010' X'0002' Partner CNOS in progress
X'0010' X'0003' LU in pending single state
X'0010' X'0004' Partner LU starting session
X'0014' X'0000' Deallocate abend program
X'0018' X'0000' Deallocate abend service
X'001C' X'0000' Deallocate abend timer
X'0020' X'0000' CNOS failure; retry
X'0024' X'0000' Logical record boundary error
X'0028' X'0000' LU mode session limit closed
X'002C' ALL Parameter error
X'002C' X'0000' Invalid LU name or network identifier
X'002C' X'0001' Invalid mode
X'002C' X'0002' Invalid conversation
X'002C' X'0003' Invalid LL
X'002C' X'0004' Invalid values for SNASVCMG mode
X'002C' X'0005' Invalid DRAINL change
X'002C' X'0006' SNASVCMG mode cannot currently be reset
X'002C' X'0007' MINWINL plus MINWINR exceeds SESSLIM
X'002C' X'0008' Supplied length insufficient
X'002C' X'0009' Incomplete structure supplied
X'002C' X'000A' Incomplete FMH5 supplied
X'002C' X'000B' Incomplete GDS variable supplied
X'002C' X'000C' Zero EXIT field
X'002C' X'000D' Zero ECB field
X'002C' X'000E' Request invalid for address space
X'002C' X'000F' Control block invalid
X'002C' X'0010' Invalid data address or length
X'002C' X'0011' Previous macroinstruction outstanding
X'002C' X'0012' Buffer list length invalid
X'002C' X'0013' No corresponding mode in LM table
X'002C' X'0014' Invalid BIND parameters
X'002C' X'0015' Invalid TPN
X'002C' X'0016' No corresponding LU in LM table
X'002C' X'0017' Invalid mode specified
X'002C' X'0018' Invalid limit specified
X'002C' X'0019' SNASVCMG mode already initialized
X'002C' X'001A' All modes specified on single session LU
X'002C' X'001B' SNASVCMG or CPSVCMG mode for single session LU
X'002C' X'001C' Single session, mode already initialized
X'002C' X'001E' CID invalid
X'002C' X'001F' APPCCMD issued for non-APPC
X'002C' X'0020' Previous REJECT request outstanding
X'002C' X'0021' Abnormal deallocate rejected; retry
X'002C' X'0022' Invalid CONTROL or QUALIFY value
X'002C' X'0023' Invalid session instance identifier
X'002C' X'0024' PS header not supplied
X'002C' X'0025' PS header length is insufficient
X'002C' X'0026' Session instance identifier and conversation identifier mismatch
X'002C' X'0027' Invalid deactivation type code
X'002C' X'0028' Cryptography not allowed on mode
X'002C' X'0029' Invalid LIST value specified on APPCCMD for restore
X'002C' X'002A' Invalid CGID value specified
X'002C' X'002B' Network-qualified name required
X'002C' X'002C' Parameter error; invalid expedited data length
X'002C' X'002D' Parameter error; invalid sense code value specified
X'002C' X'002E' Vector area not valid
X'002C' X'002F' Vector area length insufficient
X'002C' X'0030' Parameter error; storage type not valid
X'002C' X'0031' Parameter error; SENDRCV specified with OPTCD=BUFFLST/XBUFLST
X'002C' X'0032' Parameter error; unexpected vector provided on APPCCMD
X'002C' X'0033' Parameter error; required vector not provided or incorrect
X'002C' X'0034' Password substitution value set in error
X'0030' X'0000' Program error; no truncation
X'0034' X'0000' Program error purging
X'0038' X'0000' Program error truncating
X'003C' X'0000' Service error; no truncation
X'0040' X'0000' Service error purging
X'0044' X'0000' Service error truncating
X'0048' X'0000' Resource failure; no retry
X'004C' X'0000' Resource failure; retry
X'0050' X'0000' State error
X'0054' X'0000' Unrecognized mode name
X'0058' X'0000' Unsuccessful; session not available
X'005C' ALL User error code received
X'005C' X'0000' Following negative response
X'005C' X'0001' Without negative response
X'0060' X'0000' No FMH5 available
X'0064' X'0000' Activation failure
X'0068' X'0000' LU mode session limit exceeded
X'006C' X'0000' Session not pending
X'0070' X'0000' Temporary storage shortage or resource shortage
X'0074' X'0000' Halt issued
X'0078' X'0000' VTAM inactive for your ACB
X'007C' X'0000' Request aborted
X'0080' X'0000' Deallocate normal
X'0084' X'0000' Storage shortage
X'0088' X'0000' Canceled by reject or abnormal deallocate
X'008C' X'0000' Partner committed protocol violation
X'0090' X'0000' Application not APPC capable
X'0094' X'0000' Invalid condition for sending data
X'0098' X'0000' Temporary storage shortage while sending data
X'009C' X'0000' Restore rejected - restore issued before SETLOGON start
X'00A0' ALL Request not allowed
X'00A0' X'0001' LU pair does not support sending expedited data
X'00A0' X'0002' Request blocked
X'00A0' X'0003' Execution of request terminated
X'00A0' X'0004' CONTROL/QUALIFY value invalid for full-duplex conversation
X'00A0' X'0005' Response has not been received for a previous SENDEXPD request
X'00A0' X'0006' Program not authorized for requested function
X'00A4' X'0000' Mode must be restored before using
X'00A8' ALL Environment error
X'00A8' X'0000' OS level does not support request function
X'00A8' X'0001' Suspend failure
X'00A8' X'0002' Resume failure
X'00AC' ALL Error indication received
X'00AC' X'0001' Deallocate abend program
X'00AC' X'0002' Deallocate abend service
X'00AC' X'0003' Deallocate abend time
X'00AC' X'0004' Allocation error
X'00AC' X'0005' Unknown error code
X'00AC' X'0006' Resource failure; retry
X'00AC' X'0007' Resource failure; no retry
X'00B0' ALL Name resolution error
X'00B0' X'0001' LU name found in a variant name entry
X'00B0' X'0002' Name returned differs from associated name
X'00B0' X'0003' Name returned found in variant name entry
X'00B0' X'0004' Name returned found in supplied name entry
X'00B0' X'0005' Partner network name mismatch
X'00B0' X'0006' LU name found in an unusable name entry
X'00B0' X'0007' Name returned found in an unusable name entry
X'00B0' X'0008' LU name found in a disassociated name entry
X'00B4' ALL CSM detected error
X'00B4' X'0001' CSM detected error - not specified
X'00B4' X'0002' CSM detected error - invalid buffer token specified
X'00B4' X'0003' CSM detected error - invalid instance id specified