Obtaining a VTAM Buffer Trace

During the process of resolving a problem, our Product Support may require you to obtain and submit a VTAM buffer trace (and possibly other VTAM trace data). This section describes how to use IBM's Generalized Trace Facility (GTF) to capture the relevant data.

The procedure for gathering the trace is as follows:

  1. Make sure that Mainframe Access, the clients and the target servers are all ready and at a point where you want to start tracing. For example, if the problem is associated with a specific CICS distributed transaction, bring the client up to the point where the transaction will be issued.
  2. Start GTF (see the section Starting GTF)
  3. Activate the VTAM trace (see the section Activating the VTAM Trace)
  4. Perform the activity that you want to trace (for example, run the transaction that fails)
  5. Deactivate the VTAM trace (see the section Deactivating the VTAM Trace)
  6. Stop GTF (see the section Stopping GTF)
  7. Package the raw GTF trace data set for transmission to our Product Support.
  8. Use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) utility to send the packaged trace to Micro Focus. Use binary mode for the transfer.