Retrieves the reason why the last CALL statement failed. For accurate information, it must be called before any other CALL statement is executed.
Note: This ACUCOBOL-GT library routine is available in this COBOL version. Any compatibility issues in this COBOL system are in the Compatibility Issues section at the end of the topic.





This parameter receives one of the following values:

01 Program file missing or inaccessible
02 Called file not a COBOL program
03 Corrupted program file
04 Inadequate memory available to load program
05 Unsupported object code version number
06 Recursive CALL of a program
07 Too many external segments
08 Large-model program not supported (returned only by run-time systems that do not support large-model programs)
09 Exit Windows and run "share.exe" to run multiple copies of "wrun32.exe" (returned only by Windows run-time systems)
14 Japanese objects are not supported (returned only by run-time systems that do not support Japanese objects)

ERR-MESSAGE PIC X(n) (optional)   

This routine may optionally be passed a second alphanumeric parameter. This parameter is filled in with a descriptive message about the error encountered.

Compatibility Issues

  • Only ERR-CODE 01 is returned in this COBOL system.
  • ERR-MESSAGE is always set to SPACES.