Creates a new directory.
Note: This ACUCOBOL-GT library routine is available in this COBOL version. Any compatibility issues in this COBOL system are in the Compatibility Issues section at the end of the topic.

C$MAKEDIR can make a directory only one level lower than an existing directory and cannot create more than one level at a time.




DIR-NAME PIC X(n) Contains the name of the directory to be created. This should be either a full path name or a name relative to the current directory. You may use remote name syntax in combination with AcuServer to create a directory on a remote machine.

The "@[DISPLAY]:" annotation for Thin Client support may also be specified. For example:

STATUS-CODE Numeric data item. Receives the return status of the call to create a directory. A return status of zero indicates that the directory was successfully created; a status of one ("1") indicates otherwise.

The behavior of this routine is affected by the FILENAME_SPACES configuration variable. The value of FILENAME_SPACES determines whether spaces are allowed in a file name.

Compatibility Issues

  • "@[DISPLAY]" is not supported in this COBOL system.
  • The FILENAME_SPACES configuration variable is not supported in this COBOL system. To use filenames that contain spaces, enclose them in quotation marks.