Query Data-name Menu

Note: This topic applies to UNIX environments (remote development) only.

The Query Data-name menu appears after you have selected the item to be queried. The data-name appears on the information line; the value of the data item appears in a window.

Query Data-name Menu

This menu provides functions which enable you to display the contents of the queried data item; if the data item exceeds 200 bytes, only the first 200 bytes are displayed. From this menu, you can also view the data item in both hexadecimal and ASCII (text) format together and clear or alter the contents of the data item.

The Query Data-name menu is actually a set of two menus: an ASCII (text) menu and a hexadecimal menu. You switch between them using a toggle key.

The ASCII menu is the menu which first appears after selecting the data item to be queried. Selecting F3=hex invokes the hexadecimal menu. On this menu, the F3=hex is replaced by F3=ext function which switches back to the Text menu.

On the hexadecimal menu, the content of the queried data item appears on the left of the display area in hexadecimal form. The corresponding ASCII representation appears on the right.