Do At Breakpoint

Note: This topic applies to UNIX environments (remote development) only.

Prompts you for a valid COBOL statement which is to be executed along with the current line. Execution is not interrupted. The line containing the breakpoint is highlighted.

When Character Animator encounters a breakpoint set with the Do option, the COBOL statement is executed immediately before the statement containing the breakpoint. In Zoom or Go mode, execution continues without a break. In Step mode, the Do-statement is executed when the statement containing the breakpoint is stepped onto. A message indicating that the statement has been executed appears at the bottom of the screen. You can repeatedly execute the COBOL statement without retyping it.

Entering an invalid COBOL statement gives an error message.

Note: Although most COBOL statements are supported by the Do command, Animator does not support some complex statements. An appropriate error message is issued in these cases.