Procedures (Paragraphs and Sections)

To query a procedure, enter its name in the Quick Browse dialog box. Querying a procedure returns the following information in the Search view:

Name Name of the procedure.
Type Paragraph or section, followed by the segment overlay number if the program is segmented and the procedure is not in the root overlay.
Executed from The procedures and programs from which this procedure item is executed and the type of COBOL statement used to reference it (GO TO, PERFORM, and so on). The source lines containing the relevant statements are highlighted, and marked as "EFrom" (executed-from).
Executes The procedures and subprograms executed from the procedure-name queried, and the type of COBOL statement involved (such as CALL or PERFORM). The corresponding source lines are highlighted.
Procedure Data The data items used, modified and tested by the queried procedure, and those items modified many levels of PERFORM below the queried procedure.