Importing Existing Code Analysis Reports

Enterprise Developer provides integration with some of the code analysis reports produced with either Micro Focus COBOL Analyzer or Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer, advanced tools for code analysis.

To perform a more in-depth analysis of your code, run a Code Search Report on it in COBOL Analyzer or Enterprise Analyzer. You can export the results in XML format and then import them in Enterprise Developer to use with a project for the same source code. The results are displayed in the Code Analysis view.

To import and use the Code Search Report results into Enterprise Developer:

  1. Open the project for your source code.
  2. Navigate to the Code Analysis view.

    If it is not visible, click Window > Show View > Other, and click Micro Focus > Code Analysis to open it.

  3. Click Import Point of Interest (Import points of interest) in the Code Analysis view.
  4. Navigate to and select the Code Search Report results file (.xml) and click Open.

    This loads the code analysis

  5. You can double-click on lines in the results to navigate to the source code.

    You can use the rest of the commands in the window except for rerunning the report as it is produced using a different product. The Analyze Again icon (Analyze Again) option is disabled in this case.