Tutorial: Creating a Native COBOL Application

This tutorial is an introduction to developing applications using Enterprise Developer. It walks you through the main steps of creating a COBOL application:

  1. Creating a local Eclipse COBOL project
  2. Creating a COBOL program, adding it to the project, then compiling the source code
  3. Running and then debugging the application

The code for this demonstration is a COBOL program for the Tictac game. The code uses a number of features that demonstrate the particular aspects of your product and it's recommended that you use this program for the tutorial. You can, of course, use your own COBOL program.

The tutorial follows a logical sequence of application development. Use the Next and Previous links to move between the tutorial steps.

Note: This product Help provides an introduction to Eclipse, its features and an overview of the development lifecycle in the IDE. See Introduction to Eclipse for more details.