Editing a formatting profile

  1. On the Window menu, select Preferences.

    The Preferences dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select Micro Focus > COBOL > Code Style > Formatter.

    The Formatter pane is displayed.

  3. Click the profile name in the Active profile field, select the profile to edit, and then click Edit.

    The Edit COBOL Formatting Preferences for Profile: profile_name dialog box is displayed.

  4. In the Preferences pane, expand the sections, and specify the formatting options, as required. (See COBOL Formatter preferences.)
    A preview of the affects of any changes made in the current section are shown in the Preview pane.
    Tip: To toggle between the proposed changes and the current behavior for the profile, select and then clear Show original code.
  5. Click OK to save the changes to the profile.
  6. Select Automatically format on save to apply formatting behavior when you save your code. This setting persists for any active profile.
    Note: The Source Format option updates the Preview window to use the selected format; this is just for preview purposes, and does not affect your code when formatted.
  7. Ensure you have the profile that you plan to use selected in the Active profile field, and then click Apply and Close.
    Note: If you click Restore Defaults, the active profile reverts to the Micro Focus [built-in] profile, and clears the Automatically format on save option (if selected).

To use the active profile when in the COBOL editor, see To format COBOL source code.