Debugging and Running PL/I Applications in Containers

This section of the documentation describes how to debug a PL/I application running in a container.

The process for debugging a PL/I application is the same as for debugging a native COBOL application with the following difference:

  • When debugging a native COBOL application, the debug configurations to use to connect to the COBOL application are:
    • COBOL Application if the COBOL application is not running yet.
    • COBOL Attach to Process if it is.
    • COBOL Core Dump
    • COBOL Enterprise Server
    • COBOL Unit Test

    When debugging a PL/I application, the available debug configurations to use are:

    • PL/I Application
    • PL/I Attach to Process
    • PL/I Enterprise Server

For more information on debugging native COBOL applications, see Debugging COBOL Applications Running in Containers.