COBOL programs using BIS

Programs in this COBOL system that are used with the Xcentrisity Business Information Server (BIS) must end with the GOBACK statement, not the STOP RUN statement. Also, messages for the BIS trace log must be generated by calling the B$Trace library program, not the DISPLAY statement.

Programs that are used with the BIS must not use the STOP RUN statement, as this will terminate the MF run-time prematurely and the BIS will be unable to process any further web service requests.

In RM/COBOL, programs that are used with BIS capture the output of a DISPLAY statement and place it in the BIS trace log. In this COBOL system, to place messages in the BIS trace log, use the B$Trace library routine.


To ensure that programs used with the BIS do not prematurely terminate the MF run-time, use the GOBACK statement in those programs.

To place messages in the BIS trace log, call the B$Trace library program, using the same identifiers or literals, but not figurative constants, that you would use in a DISPLAY statement.
Note: Numeric data items can be of any data type and are converted to a numeric string by B$Trace.
call "B$Trace" using "Log message: " MyMessage " " MyStatus.