Updating the Calc project to use the packaged JAR file

In the previous tutorial, a project dependency was established; that needs to change to a library file dependency.

  1. In the COBOL Explorer, right-click the Calc project, and select Properties.

    The Properties for Calc dialog box is displayed.

  2. Click Java Build Path.
  3. In the Projects tab, select CJVM, and then click Remove.

    The dependency link between the two projects is now broken.

  4. Select the Libraries tab.
  5. The COBOL JVM Runtime System library was added in the previous tutorial, but if it is not listed now, click Add Library, select COBOL JVM Runtime System, Next, and then Finish.

    This adds the COBOL JVM Runtime System to the build path.

  6. Select Classpath, and then click Add JARs.

    The JAR Selection dialog box is displayed.

  7. Expand Calc > lib.
  8. Select CJVM.jar, and then click OK.
  9. Click Apply and Close.