Tutorial: IMS Database Editor

Guides you through several features of the IMS Database Editor, including browsing the database; adding, modifying, and deleting a record; searching the database; adding and finding a segment bookmark; and setting up an SSA.


  • Review the Before you begin these tutorials section in the Tutorials: IMS topic to ensure your environment is set up properly.
  • This tutorial builds on Tutorial: IMS Support and Tutorial: IMS Segment Layout Editor. If you have already completed these, nothing further is required. However, if you have not completed Tutorial: IMS Support, complete all steps included in the Set Up the IMSSupport Project topic, and all steps in the Load the IMS database section of the Configure IMS topic before proceeding to Tutorial: IMS Segment Layout Editor.


This tutorial assumes that you have the IMSSupport project open in Eclipse.


To complete this tutorial, progress through these topics in the order presented here. The bottom of each topic provides Next topic and Previous topic navigational links to help you proceed in the proper sequence: