Moving Native COBOL Applications to JVM COBOL

Modern deployment architectures such as JVM are now industry standards for application development and provide a variety of features that facilitate the application development – vast libraries of reusable code snippets, run-time and memory management services, support through large developers’ communities of developers. Since a lot of the contemporary applications use managed technology it is imperative that COBOL is also portable to the managed environments to ensure you can modernize and extend your applications using the latest technologies.

Enterprise Developer is the next generation of COBOL development and deployment environments. It includes a powerful modern Integrated Development Environment in Eclipse that enables you to deploy key business-critical COBOL applications to JVM and the cloud.

Moving to JVM COBOL code is easy because COBOL has been extended over the years and offers syntax extensions for JVM COBOL code that enable you to access all of the capabilities of the managed platforms and enhance your applications in various ways such as modernizing the User Interface, deploying as Web services or Web applications, and preparing for multi-user environments.