The jobname prefix to be used for address spaces that are started for this group. For multiple-instance address spaces this is a prefix of 1 to 4 characters and Mainframe Access Server will pad this prefix to a full 8-character jobname by appending a 4 to 7 digit sequence number. For example, JOBNAME="MFAE" results in jobnames MFAE0001, MFAE0002, and so forth. The sample prefix MFAE can be changed to meet the needs of your installation. If you do change the suggested prefix you need to review the security subsystem definition for the Mainframe Access started tasks. The configuration process uses a generic STARTED task definition (the generic name specified during Quick Configuration is MFA*.*) that covers generated jobnames such as MFAExxxx, in addition to the MFA (the MFA Server control region) and MFAS (the MFA Server for Data Connect) started task names. Specify a jobname prefix of up to four characters.
Supported Values
Value Description
jobname A alphanumeric string up to 4 characters long.