This standard run-time function initializes all fields/controls to the default values specified in the panel. It is useful because the default value can be modified with the Panel Editor and does not require program changes or recompilation. Use the INITIALIZE ALL FIELDS standard run-time function as the primary method to initialize fields/controls.

Use a related standard run-time function, INITIALIZE FIELD when only one field/control is to be initialized.

Required Parameters


Returned Values

The default value for each field/control in the panel is stored within panelname.WS.

Additional Usage Notes

  • The panel does not need to be displayed before initializing all fields/controls.
  • This standard run-time function is similar to the CLEAR ALL FIELDS standard run-time function which inserts spaces in all alphanumeric fields/controls and zeros in all numeric and date fields/controls on the panel.
  • This standard run-time function does not display the fields/controls on the screen.


Status value Description
0 The function executed successfully.
5 The panel is not in this library
6 The library does not exist.
14 A COBOL input/output error was encountered on the panel library during execution of this function. To determine the exact nature of the I/O error, use the C$RERR subprogram.