AppMaster Builder User Areas

Restriction: This topic applies only when the AppMaster Builder AddPack has been installed, and applies only to Windows platforms.

AMB requires each user to have his or her own area in which to store generated files. An individual user area consists of a directory named for the user, and a series of subdirectories for the generated files. The existence of a user area defines a user to AMB in that the name of an individual's user area directory is used by AMB as a user ID.

On installation, AMB defines a default parent user area directory, %PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\AMBWorkArea. You can create alternative parent user area directories if you prefer not to use the default. Individual user area directories are always subdirectories of a defined parent user area directory.

For example, if your parent user area directory is the default, and you have three users - Joe, Bob, and Mary - the user area directory structure would look like this:
%PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\AMBWorkArea\Joe

For each installation of AMB, you set the user area in the AppMaster Builder preferences. AMB then generates source files to the user area specified, and uses the name of the individual user area directory (AMB user ID) to identify the jobs on the job queue that are owned by that user.

You can create, delete, or clean an individual user area. When you delete an individual user area, AMB removes the entire individual user area directory structure, effectively deleting the user ID as well. If you want to remove all of the generated files in an individual user area without deleting the user ID, use the Clean option instead.