Create the HCODemo SQL Server Connection

Guides you through the process of creating the HCODemo SQL Server connection to access the HCO_Test database.
  1. In Eclipse, click Run > Tools > Data Tools > HCO for SQL Server.

    This opens the Micro Focus HCO for SQL Server dialog box.

  2. From the HCO for SQL Server interface, click Manage Connections.
  3. Click the Connection List tab.
  4. In the Connection Type group, click User.
  5. Click New SQL Server Connection.

    This takes you to the SQL Server Connection tab.

  6. In the Data Source Name field, type HCODemo.
  7. Click Integrated Windows Authentication to select it. This means that SQL Server uses your Windows logon credentials to access the database.
  8. In the SQL Server Instance field, type the name of your SQL Server instance. If you have a default instance, this could be localhost or local. If you have a named instance, use the combined server name and instance name. For example: mysqlserver\myinstance.
  9. Click Confirm Server to confirm that HCOSS can locate your specified SQL Server Instance.
  10. Check Use a database other than the default database:.
  11. From the Database list, select the HCO_Test destination database that you created in SQL Server Management Studio.
  12. Click Test. If the test fails, review your field and make corrections as appropriate, and try again. When you have a successful connection, click OK.
  13. Click Save.

    This takes you back to the Connection List tab where you will now see your SQL Server connection listed.

This concludes the tutorial.