To enable a core dump using a library routine

  • You cannot enable both Just-In-Time Debugging and Core Dump concurrently.
  • To debug a 64-bit core dump you must first ensure the project is being built for 64-bit, by opening the Project Properties and selecting 64-bit.
  • To create a core dump for an application running under IIS, the application must be run in the same user account as that being used when enabling the core dump feature. For example, a core dump will not be produced for a CGI or ISAPI application running under the default anonymous logon account.
  1. In Eclipse, open the COBOL file that you want to use to initiate the core dump.
  2. Insert a call to the CBL_CREATE_CORE library routine at the point where you want the core dump to occur. See CBL_CREATE_CORE for details.
  3. Save and compile the program.