Edit a Record

The file is still open in Shared mode, and so cannot be edited until you switch to Exclusive mode; although, you will only be able to enter Exclusive mode if no other user has the file open (in either Shared or Exclusive mode).

  1. With datavseq.dat displayed using the record layouts, in the File group, click The Switch to Exclusive Mode icon(Switch to Exclusive Mode).

    The file lock status now changes to Exclusive, and the icon in the File group changes to The Switch to Shared Mode icon (Switch to Shared Mode).

  2. Select the record for Mr Plastow, then click The Edit Record icon (Edit Record) in the Record group.

    Notice how the record is using the default layout, because the first field is not set to 'M' or 'E' (either of which would result in a conditional layout being used).

  3. Select the value for 03 EM-JOB-TITLE field.
  4. Edit the field to contain 'Lead Developer', then click The Save Record icon (Save Record).
  5. Click Yes to confirm.

    The record is edited and saved.