This batch file will clean up files that were created from a previous run and then compile and run each example. The content of this file is similar to the following:

@echo off
call cleanup
echo Example01 - Export / Import File.
call example example01
echo Example02 - Export / Import with XSLT stylesheets.
call example example02
echo Example03 - Export / Import with Occurs Depending.
call example example03
echo Example04 - Export / Import with sparse arrays.
call example example04
echo Example05 - Export / Import Text.
call example example05
echo Example06 - Export / Import with directory polling.
mkdir stamp
call example example06
echo Example07 - Export / Well-Formed File / Validate File.
call example example07
echo Example08 - Export / Well-Formed Text / Validate Text.
call example example08
echo Example09 - Export / Transform / Import.
call example example09
echo Example10 - Well-Formed / Validate diagnostics.
call example example10
echo Example11 - Import with missing intermediate names.
call example example11

This batch file has no parameters. Run it by entering the following on the command line:


Note: On UNIX systems, the script named examples.sh is provided for the same purpose as examples.bat on Windows.