Appendix C - Adis Key Mappings for RM2VCOB

This is a complete list of the Adis key mappings for the RM2VCOB configuration used in the tutorial. The settings in bold are the ones that differ from the default Adis configuration.

No. Function Setting No. Function Setting
0 Terminate accept Enabled 14 Backspace character Enabled
1 Terminate program Enabled 15 Retype character Disabled
2 Carriage Return Enabled 16 Insert single character Disabled
3 Cursor left Enabled 17 Delete character Enabled
4 Cursor right Enabled 18 Restore character Disabled
5 Cursor up Enabled 19 Clear to end of field Enabled
6 Cursor down Enabled 20 Clear field Enabled
7 Move to start of screen Enabled 21 Clear to end of screen Disabled
8 Move to next tab stop Enabled 22 Clear screen Disabled
9 Move to previous tab stop Enabled 23 Set insert mode Enabled
10 Move to end of screen Enabled 24 Set replace mode Enabled
11 Move to next field Enabled 25 Reset field (Undo) Disabled
12 Move to previous field Enabled 26 Move to start of field Function
13 Change case of character Disabled 27 Move to mouse position Disabled