Running the Test

By default, the Micro Focus Unit Testing view displays the test cases for the last unit test project that was run, or is empty if a unit test project is yet to be run.
  1. Click the Micro Focus Unit Testing view. (If it is not already displayed, click Window > Show View > Other > Micro Focus > Micro Focus Unit Testing.)

    You will notice that the view does not yet show any test cases. You must first run the unit test project that contains them. Only then will you see the test fixtures (the .cbl files within the project), and test cases within them.

  2. In Application Explorer, select TestAirportDemo, then on the Eclipse toolbar, click (Run).

    The project runs and the tests are loaded into the Micro Focus Unit Testing view. This project currently contains one test fixture file (DistanceTest.cbl), which contains one test case (MFUT_TESTAIRCODE). The test case automatically ran when you ran the unit test project.

  3. Select the test case to display the test output in the Test Results pane.

    The test case passes, but that is because it does not actually do anything meaningful yet. In the Enhancing the Test step, we will enhance the test by adding some code to it.