Tutorial: REST Web Service

Walks you through the process of creating and defining a Representational State Transfer (REST) Web service using the Interface Mapping Toolkit (IMTK), deploying it to an enterprise server instance, and generating and running a client to access it.


Review the Assumptions and Before you begin a tutorial sections in the Tutorials: Interface Mapping Toolkit topic to ensure that your Enterprise Developer environment is set up properly.

Demonstration application - ScheduleDemo

The COBOL application that you use in this tutorial is the ScheduleDemo demonstration application. The application source code is installed with Enterprise Developer in the %PUBLIC%\Documents\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\Samples\Interface Mapping Toolkit\ServiceInterfaces\ScheduleDemo directory by default.

The ScheduleDemo demonstration application is a system for scheduling and viewing appointments. The application uses the following source and data members:

  • schedule.cbl
  • common.cpy
  • common_78.cpy
  • common_ex.cpy
  • common_ws.cpy
  • consultants.cpy
  • customerinfo.cpy
  • stores.cpy
  • appoint.dat
  • consultants.dat
  • customers.dat

Using the application, you can either schedule a new appointment, or look up an existing appointment. We recommend that you review the application source code to become familiar with how it works.


To complete this tutorial, progress through these topics in the order presented here. The bottom of each topic provides Next topic and Previous topic navigational links to help you proceed in the proper sequence: