Launching the TN3270 Mainframe Display When Debugging Applications

Before you can start the TN3270 mainframe display specified in the IDE options, ensure that your project is associated with an enterprise server and that the server is running.

When you start debugging, the IDE automatically launches the TN3270 Mainframe Display specified in the IDE preferences and connects it to the enterprise server on which your application is running.

If the TN3270 Mainframe display of choice is closed, you can open it in one of the following ways:

  1. In the Debug perspective, right-click the application thread in the Debug view.
  2. Click Show Rumba Terminal.

Alternatively, you can show the Rumba Mainframe Display view as follows:

  1. Click Window > Show View > Other.
  2. Select Rumba Mainframe Display under Micro Focus, and click OK
  3. If your connections are not configured to connect automatically (Connect automatically option on the TN3270 preferences page), click Connect to server (Connect) on the view toolbar.

    The view automatically connects to the enterprise server on which the application you are debugging runs.